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Meditate with Yoga

The perfect activity that complements the surf sessions. Combining our body and mind, yoga will help each person to create better balance and self-control.

Many yoga positions will help to unlock the physical and mental potential in each one, showing results in the surf lessons in terms of flexibility, strength and awareness.

Bike Along Peniche & Baleal

Visit the beautiful Island of Baleal, the fortress of Peniche, and a fantastic coastline that surrounds the city.

With easy access to bike rentals, it is certainly an activity for you to spend an amazing time in family or with friends and get to know our beautiful home.

Boat Trip to Berlenga's Islan

The Berlenga Island is located about 7 miles from the Peniche Harbor.​

This is the home of numerous sea birds, and a place where several migratory species pass by. With an area of 36.9 square miles, the island was considered Biosphere Reserve by Unesco in 2011 due to its immense wealth of fauna and flora.

World Champioship of Surfing

We are always looking forward to these two weeks! For surf lovers, it’s a bliss to be able to watch the best surfers in the world perform in one of the most perfect waves ever in our backyard.


Every October, the surf championship Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal takes place in Peniche, on Supertubos beach, a wave well known for its large barrels and heavy sections with a high degree of difficulty.

2020 Calendar: March 03 - 13

Try the Local Food

As fresh as this its impossible!



In addition to the local pastries, with proximity to the sea, Peniche presents a variety of local dishes based on fresh fish from our area, with an unparalleled flavor quality.

The Giants Of Nazaré

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Nazaré and discover this place of traditions.

Nazaré is synonymous with giant waves! Place where the biggest wave in the world was recorded, and 45 minutes from Peniche it is worth watching breathtaking waves.

With fishermen and women in 7 skirts, Nazaré is a small village full of traditions and customs that is worth visiting.

Visita a Vila de Óbidos

A 15 minutos de Peniche, a Vila de Óbidos é um marco histórico na zona Oeste de Portugal. Uma pequena vila rodeada por uma muralha, com mercado, comida local, bibliotecas, cultura, e muito mais.


Uma vila dentro de um Castelo! Curioso, não?

Walk By The Buddah Eden Garden

Located just 30 minutes from Peniche, this is the largest oriental garden in Europe.

With buddhas, pagodas, terracotta statues and various sculptures placed among the vegetation, in these 35 hectares the garden appears in response to the destruction of the Giant Buddhas of Bamyan, in what was one of the greatest acts of cultural vandalism, erasing masterpieces from the memory. late period of Gandhara Art.

Explora Sintra

Um dos locais mais bonitos e uma das 7 Maravilhas de Portugal – Sintra.

Com um enorme património cultural (palácios, ruinas, parques e muita natureza), Sintra é um ‘must’ na visita a Portugal.

Não se esqueçam ainda de passar no Cabo da Roca – local mais Oeste da Europa.

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