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Special Voucher

Gift Voucher

Do you need a gift for that special someone? One of our Gift Vouchers is the perfect gift for any occasion.

This Voucher may contain a total amount or the gift itself (surf lessons or organic products from Mocean Surf Peniche).

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Special Merch

15% discount on all our merchandising!

Until the end of the year 2020, in all our products, you will enjoy 15% direct discount, from beach towels, organic clothes, 100% natural sunscreens and more!

Our Products

Our clothes are produced with 100% organic cotton, free from plastics, planet friendly. Its entire production process is free from chemicals and other harmful substances to the planet.

At sea, in each surf session, we choose natural organic sunscreens, harmless to marine life, they do not burn in the eyes and, by beeing chemical free, they do not cause skin reactions.

Both our bodies and planet are grateful!

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