Surf Lessons

Connect yourself with our lifestyle, with the nature and with more amazing people, in a cozy family environment.

We provide Surf Lessons all year round for all ages regardless the level of surf experience you have.

Each Surf Lesson is a unique experience, and our team is certified and well experienced to create every moment with us memorable.

Our goal is more than seeing you riding the wave up on the surfboard. With our Surf Lessons, Surf Skate Lessons, Video and Photo Analysis, we want to pass on to you all the knowledge we have so that you understand all the techniques and enjoy this sport more than ever by improving every day.

Group Lessons

This is the funniest way to learn to surf, where you can start new friendships and improve your surf skills by helping each other in a fun and friendly environment.

We focus on the evolution of each of our students. That is why in our Surf Lessons we have a maximum of 5 students per instructor, dividing them according to the level of each one, to ensure the necessary attention by the instructor in a safe environment.

1 Group Lesson

3 Group Lessons

5 Group Lessons

10 Group Lessons





Prices per person.

Private Lessons

There is no faster way to progress in surfing! In private lessons the surf instructor has 100% student focus, helping to develop their skills at all times, correcting all errors without ever losing a single wave of the student.

This lessons are suitable for all levels, from beginners to intermediate and advanced levels, for a faster, safe and detailed learning. For the more experienced surfers Video and Photo sessions can be made along with analysis and correction by the surf instructor, for a more precise and detailed improvement.

1 Private Lesson

3 Private Lessons

5 Private Lessons




1 Double Private Lesson

3 Double Private Lessons

5 Double Private Lessons




Prices per person.

Double Private Lesson 2 or more persons.

Surf Skate Lessons

Welcome to surfing out of water. In Mocean Surf Peniche it’s possible to surf on land!

Surf Skate Lessons are the ideal lessons for those who want a quick and more accurate improvement of their surf skills and technique. The simulation of surfing on a Surf Skate makes it easier to understand and correct the mistakes we make in the water.

For the beginners this helps to improve the stance on the board with its balance and control. For the more advanced and experienced students this is an excellent advantage to initiate and perfect every surf maneuver.

1 Group Lesson


Price per person.


Video and Photo Analysis

The Video and Photo sessions are an excellent support for each student with any level of experience in surfing.

During these sessions, analysis and immediate correction are carried out, thus managing to improve and correct these errors in a more remarkable way.

All videos and photos are provided free of charge to each student.

From 15€.



All of our lessons include transportation to the beach/ surf school/ accommodation, surf lesson with an approximate duration of 2 hours, surfboard and wetsuit, team of competent and certified instructors, insurance.




15€ (half day)

20€ (1 day)

55€ (3 days)

110€ (7 days)


10€ (half day)

15€ (1 day)

35€ (3 days)

70€ (7 days)

Surfboard + Wetsuit

20€ (half day)

30€ (1 day)

80€ (3 days)

160€ (7 days)


10€ (half day)

15€ (1 day)

35€ (3 days)

70€ (7 days)